In this assignment, we started from a city garden. The clients wanted a low-maintenance garden, with a swimming pond and less visibility from the neighbours.

There was clearly a distorted perspective in the terrain, which made the garden seem much shorter than it really is. that is why I created an encouraged panoramic view from both sides of the garden. With the monumental oak tree as the centrepiece

Molenstraat Eeklo - City garden
School assignment - Kask Gent

Individual work


In my research, I found the origin of the name Eekeloo-Eeklo-Eecelloo. You can split this name into 'Eek', which refers to oak, and 'lo', which comes from the Germanic 'lauhaz', which means 'small wood on high sandy ground'. The combination was quickly made. 'Oak located on high sandy ground'. This was to be the focus of the design.

These renders were made in SketchUp