Des quatre mouvements et des destinées générales,
In this design, we start from a neighbourhood park located in Ledeberg. The park consists of 2 parts. On the one hand, the Botermarkt, located on the hundelgemsesteenweg. On the other hand, the Meierij. For this design, I chose to use the garden suburb idea as a starting point. In the early 1900s, there were garden suburbs in Ledeberg. However, these had to make way for the slip roads of the viaduct. Since the park is partly situated under the viaduct, we are actually bringing the garden suburb idea back to the place where it was lost. In doing so, I was inspired by grandmasters such as Ledoux, Howard and Unwin. Who were (in)directly predecessors of the garden suburb idea. Each of them were looking for 'the social city', the perfectly balanced city.
Botermarkt Ledeberg - Urban design
School assignment - Kask Gent

Individual work

The concept is based on a statement by the philosopher Charles Fouriers, who, like the great masters, thought of the perfect city.'Des quatre mouvements et des destinées générales'. The 4 movements and the main passions. The 4 movements are located in the Botermarkt. This is because the Botermarkt is a place where there will be a lot of movement. A busy place. The 4 main passages on the other hand are located in the Meierij. The quiet part of the park is located at the waterside. Where space will be made for 4 age groups.

The design is my own interpretation of the citygarden idea, with inspiration from the past and reference projects from today. In doing so, I will also adhere to the rules that were imposed by the garden suburb idea. In addition to this concept, I have also taken into account the 6 objectives for Ledeberg. More and more beautiful greenery, higher quality of life, smoother and safer traffic, renovated entrances, more and more active services and more space for meeting people. and more space for meeting people. Each of these aspects is addressed in the design.